Posted on April 4, 2016 by Naomi

Two new products available

Trust Chem USA has added two new products to the current portfolio with stock in local US warehouses: PO67 and PY185

Orange 67 has a similar chemical structure to a Benzimidazolone and is a member of the Pyrazolo-Quinazolone pigment series. TCO-06701 is an opaque orange offering full and relatively deep shades to brilliant yellows. Because of the clean shade, PO67 is an economical alternative to PO43 and PO73, specially for Powder Coatings. 
Yellow 185 is an Isoindoline pigment providing a clean, greenish yellow shade. Our TCY-18501L is a semi-transparent paint grade product with high tinctorial strength. The product is mainly used for interior applications and recommended in baking paint, air drying paint, emulsion paint, and powder coatings.